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11 January 2025 @ 10:33 pm

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Hello. This is my out of mind journal, basically a place where I rant out and fangirl. My fandom journal that I don't want to connect with real life. Please don't take what I say seriously because I don't take it seriously. I rant a lot because this is my space for letting it out. That being said, if you don't mind the random posts, insecurities, feelings, thoughts and such, feel free to friend me.

(Please don't randomly add me. If you comment here, I will be more than happy to add you back.)
10 August 2020 @ 06:39 pm
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26 October 2014 @ 12:36 am
Day 1: Put your ipod or itunes on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first and last line of the very next song that plays.
Song: The word of your body (reprise)
First Line: Come, cream away the bliss
Last Line: O, I’m gonna be your bruise

Oh man. This is a tough one but here it goes.

The bruise has faded but you can still feel the warmth of his body wrapped over your smaller frame. You picked up an old sweater – tattered and torn with memories of a past that you had yet to given up on – from the floor and wrapped it tightly around you. The tears that you have been holding back threaten to fall any moment now. Outside, you could hear the raindrops against the window, falling mercilessly. You start to rock back and forth, slowly than erratically, as your mind tries to will those treacherous tears back into your body. Your hand curls onto the fabric on the bed as your sadness turns into quiet anger and rage. You choke back the laughter stuck at the back of your throat. If only you could summon the energy to make a noise but no – you had nothing left in you. He, who has robbed you of your every happiness, was also guilty of killing every hope that had once filled every fiber of your being. It wasn’t fair. Yet you yearn to play the fool one more time if it meant going back. By now, you are gasping for air; like a mermaid out of water. It is almost comical how the world seems to be conspiring to take away everything from you. Your chest is tightening and you could have sworn that your heart that you thought dead was breaking again surely and agonizingly so. Not one word, squeak or squeal from you.
21 December 2013 @ 01:01 am
Today marks a special day.


I own this amazing series.

Thinking of i_am_zan.
20 October 2013 @ 08:23 pm

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I woke up on a quiet Sunday morning and had tea with cheerios and orange juice for breakfast. I tucked into Anne Rice’s cry to heaven. I miss such days.

Continuing the four things meme

1. Inception
It is one of those (timeless) movies which I can watch again and again because there is always something new to be found from a rewatch. The cast – brilliant, the movie – beautifully done, and the concept – amazing! As much as I prefer happy endings, I think the ending was not real. Oh the angst in my heart. Also I ship arthur/eames (no hardship there).

2. X-Men First Class
My heart is felt with so much love for XMFC. I have a ridiculously soft spot for it (and the main leads James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence). Again, the angst. I grew up loving X-Men, enjoyed the X-Men Movies (Professor X & Magneto are awesome) so naturally I was drawn to XMFC. And boy did it ignite my heart to sail the cherik ship! Another reason for my fondness of it is because Kate is the Erik to my Charles. <3 Fun fact: You can also contact me via silver/charles/professorx (at) rageandserenity (dot) org. ;)

3. Pitch Perfect
I love a capella music. This movie was ACA-AWESOME. Firstly, REBEL WILSON! SHE IS HILARIOUS. My favourite part was the riff off. Girl Power. Feel good movie. Funny.

4. Harry Potter Movies

I’m in one of those moods where I feel like blogging (spiritually or perhaps mentally) but the words have to be dragged out of me (physically). I am so exhausted (it’s another one of those low funks). I hate being half dead/alive.

(my heart)
you got it
inside (your) pocket
a confession (so silent)
that you will (never know)
your face haunts me (in the mirror of erised)
I see you
but you don’t see (me)

I also can’t wait for Blog Matter.

02 October 2013 @ 11:16 pm

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Next to the other
I am pale
a ghost of memory
to her vibrancy

15 May 2013 @ 11:15 pm

Originally published at supermegafoxyawesomehot. Please leave any comments there.

I read a quote on twitter about how when we pay for experiences, it makes us happier, compared to paying for materials things. I paused. And reflected. If you had told me this six months ago, I would have replied that buying lolita gave me a similar joy. Yet how time and age have changed my perceptions and beliefs on things. I find myself at this point of life – happier to live in the experience – than in gaining material possessions.

Over the weekend, I caught two plays. Pangdenomium’s (one of my favourite local production companies) Rabbit Hole and SRT Shakespeare in the Park – Othello. I would love to blog about it more which I shall when I have a more “proper” update. As I sit here typing this, my eyelids are getting heavier. I am ready for bed.

10 Minute Fiction (before I go to bed)
Perhaps you were always the stronger one, the anchor to our friendship and sisterhood bond that we shared. There was never a doubt that you will be there – a mug of hot chocolate on one hand, a cheeky grin and a gadget at hand. We would cuddle and sit in our squeezy little pillow fort; sharing deep dark secrets and thoughts. That it would all turn to dust, in a blink of an eye (as how our nights break into day), was something I never could anticipate, imagine or believe.

03 May 2013 @ 09:56 am

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I lied, this is Day One. And following it…

Day 2: 4 Fictional Characters
From 4 different fandoms. :D (Or how do I talk about them without ending up in fangirl speech.)

1) Blaine Anderson
Blaine…Blaine…Blaine where do I start? Perhaps the moment you stole my breath was at the staircase of Dalton academy? Or perhaps you stole my heart (and kurt’s) when you sang teenage dream? And those Dalton Warblers’ Blazers certainly makes my heart race. I love the character of Blaine Anderson because there are many possible interpretations to his characters. Granted, there was a period of time when I disliked Blaine intensely (because he can be such a jerk and asshole) but even then there was some redeeming qualities in him too. I want to know what makes him tick, what makes him insecure and vulnerable and what makes him strong. And for that, he’s one of the characters that fascinate me in Glee. He is the only character that draws me back to that terrible show (besides klaine). Also I ship Klaine (Blaine & Kurt) like whoa! It is my OTP.

2) Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy is another enigmatic character that I love exploring. The Harry Potter series was written in the perspective of the protagonist so we barely scratched the surface of who Draco possibly is. I love reading Harry/Draco fics because it gives me glimpses of all the different possible takes of what Draco could be or will become. I feel that there is more to Draco and there is potential in developing it. I have also roleplayed this character before years back. It brings back fond memories.

3) Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier is another intriguing character. I have read and watched X-men while growing up and have always been awed by his telepathic abilities. But recently (2012), I fell in love with the movie “X-Men First Class” and love the new angles to his personality. It does not hurt that James McAvoy played such a charming Xavier. And the quality of cherik fics have influenced and fueled my fascination.

4) Tezuka Kunimitsu
Tezuka is my favourite character from Prince of Tennis (tenipuri). It is one of my favourite anime/manga/japanese-musical series. The manga-ka built a near perfect image of Tezuka which is unf and swoon worthy. He is a cool dude. I also ship him with Atobe (who is just as hawt and perfect and are rivals). I have written for this ~otp~.

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23 April 2013 @ 10:56 pm

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Despite being on tumblr and seeing such memes often, I rarely do it. It is a good time to start methinks.

Four likes
1. Books
I love books. I remember going to the library with my mum every weekend when I was a young child. When I was in primary school, it became my mission to read every book (I devoured series such as The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Mary Poppins, Sweet Valley High, Secret Seven, Famous Five, Enid Blyton & Roald Dahl books, Terry Pratchett Discworld etc.) in the community library that was across the road. (Notable favourite books until today includes Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel Trilogy, Classics like Anne of Green Gables, Water babies, Secret Garden, David Copperfield, a little princess.) I grew up with the Harry Potter series. I was crazy enough to get my mum to help me buy it in Australia (because they get it before us in Singapore). Btw, this is my dream dress IW Royal Library jsk.

2. Breakfast
I love breakfast. I can have breakfast any time in the day. I enjoy all types of breakfast whether it is western (bacon and eggs *____* my weakness, mushroom, baked beans, sausages, eggs benedict, crabcakes), chinese (porridge or congee with dough fritters, dim sum, chee kueh, chee cheong fan, pau), malay (mee rebus, mee siam), indian (roti prata), local (prawn mee, lor mee, ba chor mee, fishball noodles), Japanese (miso soup, rice and pickles, soba), dessert & pastries (pancakes, waffles, all kind of breads such as wholemeal, banana bread, toast, tuna). Just listing it down makes me drool.

3. Musicals
I love musicals. They mesmerize me.

4. Karaoke
I love going karaoke. It is so fun when you go with the right group of friends. I like singing and it’s a chance for me to de-stress and let loose.

Four dislikes

1. Labels
I do not like having labels on people or myself. I feel restricted when I think about it.

2. Not Lactose Intolerant but…
I dislike milk, cheese, cream and yoghurt. I always tell people the reason behind so was because I ate enough to last me a lifetime. When I was in preschool, I love milk and cheese. I could eat a whole box of it. Now, I cannot stand the taste of it. I am also very particular about beef. I don’t like it generally and can only stomach a spoonful of kobe/wagyu beef.

3. People who take advantage of others
I dislike people who take advantage of people with a good heart. >P

4. Waiting
I absolutely detest waiting for people. It is so pointless and a waste of time.

10 minute fiction under the cut —>

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21 April 2013 @ 11:29 pm

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I have not swim for a very long time. I went to the pool today since a friend came over my place for a swim. I hate the dryness in my throat and the itch in my skin… I think it is probably because of the chlorine/chemicals in the pool and I dislike the feeling. So I doubt I will be going for a swim any time soon.

If you’ve known me for a long time, you know I constantly sing and heap praises to my online friends. I have been truly blessed by them. It is amazing that we have found friends across continents that we count as kindred souls. This comes after reading a tweet by Kate about this post Anna made. I have always loved the idea of an online friend (back theeeen) where we knew each other only through words from our blogs and im services such as msn. We learn about each other through our thoughts that we shared on the net and often we bared our souls (teenage angst) in our journals. Many of us grew up together… and it is amazing and humbling to see that this relationship we have forged and nurtured stays as strong as any irl friendships. In a way, one often feels that our online friends truly get us because of our deep emotional connection. This friendship is intense. I would love to make more new friends and stalk more blogs now that I am blogging once more again.

I’m trying this ten minute fiction challenge that Kya does. I’m rusty when it comes to writing, so I need a warm up. I write anything that comes into my mind for ten minutes. It is unplanned thus nonsensical…

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